The prefabricated office container is specially designed to be used as a temporary administrative workspace for staff operating in all sectors. Once installed, it can be used anytime regardless of construction site conditions Various optional fittings are available to customize the office space for all kinds of different purposes. For example, some containers can have their own sanitary facilities, air conditioning, guardrail, home automation, high floor, computer network, and telephone line to cover a range of different usage areas. As well as being joinable, the modular prefabricated office containers are also easily stackable, so that clients can freely choose the exactly building height and configuration that they want.

Advantages of the prefabricated office

Prefabricated office come with numerous advantages that make them stand out from the crowd. Firstly, they are made from sturdy, long-lasting, high galvanized and painted steel sandwich panels that provide a safe and durable environment for staff to work in. The panels come in various dimensions and thicknesses depending on local climatic conditions and the geographical scale of the building solution.
A prefabricated office is also quick to install and dismantle, taking just a few hours by our trained expert technicians. Apart from our technicians' great efficiency, this is also because all panels have already been precut and painted at the factory, and the upper and lower chassis are pre-assembled, therefore saving you time. Moreover, the internal arrangement options of each office container are very flexible, ranging from separate private meeting rooms and living spaces divided by a partition to wide open conference spaces. The choice naturally depends on clients' specific area and configuration requirements.